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Fans and filtration equipment

Pestall VENTUS Filtration

  • Pestall VENTUS is an extraction filter unit for drawing off and filtering smoke generated by thermal cutting. 


  • It is used primarily for removing dust particles.


  • Pestall VENTUS is a durable, compact system with well laid out filtration elements.


  • It is intended for continuous operation.


  • It is based on high-performance centrifugal fans with direct drive providing an air flow of 4,000 - 10,000 m3 / hour.


  • The use of high quality bearings and seals ensures smooth operation and durability.


  • Standard supplied silencer reduces noise at the outlet of the filtered air.


  • Filtered dust falls into a pan in the bottom of the machine, which can easily be handled in any direction.





Filter cartridges are made from filtration polyesters with PTFE with Teflon membranes, which prevent penetration of dust particles into the filtration material. This ensures their effectiveness and durability. The cartridges are regularly cleaned using compressed air.


Control Units


Pestall VENTUS is equipped with a control unit which allows the user to set the necessary parameters for cleaning the cartridge, either by setting a constant time interval or setting for continuously cleaning during operation according to the degree of its contamination. At the same time evaluating and operating its status, service intervals etc.



Pestall VENTUS filtration equipment is designed with a maximum view to minimising costs.





Complete exhausting units for welding stations using stationary filter units and distribution ducting using telescopic piping or mobile exhausting units. Also useful for welding training


FILTRATION, Filter units

Powerful stationary filter units with high quality PTFE cartridges using automatic compressed air cleaning and a dust reservoir. They are suitable for use with extraction (vacuum) tables, plasma and laser workstations or for flexible installation of central exhausting systems. As a more economical variant, we also offer cyclone separators with a fan