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Refurbishing and Rebuilding Machinery

Refurbishing and Rebuilding Flame Cutting Machines:

  •  We can carry out complete or partial rebuilds on cutting machines of various makes.
  • Rebuilding is always worked out after a preliminary assessment of a machine’s condition and the financial capabilities of the customer.
  • The control system can be changed on its own or with the drive system as well. 
  •   We can replace the entire control panel or refurbish the original and can also replace the wiring, and adjust the control panel cooling
  •    We can check and repair the mechanical parts – bearings, guide systems. 
  •   We have a great deal of experience upgrading the MEFI control system to the new, up-to-date MEFI 872 iTD system (Windows)


Detail obrazovky řídícího systému
Detail of the control system screen

The rebuild will be provided with a guarantee on the lifetime of the system for at least a further 8 years

System properties:


  • A wide set of macros in the control system
  • Course return after manual removal from the form
  •  Travel back and forth along the form 
  •   Entering the kerf directly on the machine 
  •  Starting the program from any point in the cutting outline; running according to the on-screen graphics
  • Increasing the measurements and shifting the cutting outline on the screen to check the details
  • Ability to rotate the entire coordinate system and program based on the position of the sheet metal  
  •  Very fast interpolator; there are no problems with the smooth running of the programs from short blocks
  • Parabolic ramps in the cutout corners; better corner cuts.
  •  Warm-up time after the first burn-through stored in memory 
  •   Prime control of the plasma burn-through mechanism and memory control of the height with the option    to change the sensitivity of the memory regulation
  • All necessary technical data is taken from the parameter table in the control system or entered manually
  • Data can be transferred to the machine using a USB Flash Disk (or LAN or wireless transfer)
  • Built-in circuit diagnostics with errors indicated on the system display
  • Powerful dual-core low-power computer with touch screen 15” LCD display
  • Allows control of the plasma stream in the corners

    Sample Control System Replacement:

    A system running on DOS, reading programs from disk; control computer hardware cannot be replaced because of differences in dimensions and compatibility with software interrupting the program. The condition after refurbishment after 7 working days: The new system works on Windows XP, programs are transferred via a USB flash disk, 15” touch screen monitor, new graphic and technological functions, low-powered, dual core computer, larger memory capacity


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